• Enterprise mission

    Power Garden Tools, Electric pruning shear with reliable quality

  • Corporate Vision

    Become the world’s leading Power garden tools suppliers.

  • Integrity

    Integrity is the cornerstone of success, credit is the foundation of success. Everyone is honest, mutual trust, a matter of conscience to do things, impeccable.

  • The sense of responsibility

    Everyone is the owner of the company, each person is responsible for their words and deeds, not free to dodge responsibility, dare to take, dare to meet the difficulty, is glad helps the human, warm and generous.

  • Respect

    Everyone is the owner of the company, everyone is his own working partner. Tolerance of different personality, respect for the views of colleagues, shape the common values.

  • Executive power

    Customers do, step by step, account of others tasks executed immediately, accept the boss immediately execute the task.

  • Cohesion and teamwork

    Here, we have felt like home, work together, let each of us are reflected in their price, do your favorite things and to fight. Life is so le Zai.

  • Cooperation and win-win

    To identify with the company, to the career identity, to the colleagues, to do everything for their own identity.

  • Continuous innovation, the courage to innovate

    Every employee must keep in mind that we pay more attention to the design of the products than any other company. The courage to create a truly pleasing products, understand the needs of consumers, know how to meet the

  • Pay attention to details, listen to criticism

    Paying attention to details means a long term reward, a little bit of effort will make us the biggest winner, but also to listen to people’s criticism of their products. The advice of others can provide us with the information resources used to further improve the product