Kebtek Q&A

1.Q:What are your tool & battery warranties and service contact info?

   A: Kebtek offer one year warranty, any products problem just feel free to contact us:


2.Q: Can I buy blade/chain/battery replacement?

   A: Yes, sure. Any needs just feel free to contact us.


3.Q:Is these electric tool’s battery have UL and ROHS certification?

   A:All Kebtek electric tool’s batteries have UL and ROHS certification. In order to extend your battery life, please full charge your battery at least 5 hours at the first time.


4.Q:How to maintain electric pruning shear?

   A:It’s easy to maintain electric pruning shear. Just wipe the blade and lubricate the blade. More details just check Kebtek Tool

Youtube channel:


5.Q:Is it easy to replace the blade of electric pruning shear?

   A:Yes,it is easy to replace the blade. Our package list come with tools. 

25mm electric pruning shear blade replacement video:

40mm electric pruning shear blade replacement video:


6.Q:How to install electric chainsaw chain?

A: It is easy to replace the blade. Our package list come with tools. 4 Inch electric chainsaw chain replacement video:


7.Q: Is it safe to use electric chainsaw? 

A: All Kebtek products 100% tested before ship to our customers. Our 4 inch electric chainsaw built in safety lock, and come with safety baffle. It’s safe to use. Please read the user manual before you use, any confuses please feel free to contact us.


8.Q:How to choose the lubricating oil for electric tools?

A:It's ok to use ordinary engine oil to maintain your shear, lubricating oil such as : gearbox oil,differential oil,engine oil,cooking oil,air tool oil,compressor oil.


9.Q: Is Kebtek electric pruning shear built in safety switch?

A:Our electric pruning shear built in safety switch, when you turn on the power switch, you need to pull the trigger twice fast , 

and then green light on,You will hear "Beep Beep" .(If you pull slowly can't activate the safety switch.) Prevent kids activating electric pruning shear that's why we designed safety switch.


10.Q: How to extend and maintain battery’s life?

A:Please full charged your battery before your first time use. Before charging, please ensure battery switch is in OFF position. It is recommended to charge the battery once every 3 months. This is to ensure battery life is not affected by low usage.


11.Q: What is the difference between a brushless motor and a brush motor?

A:Brushless motor which is 5 times save more energy and long life span than brush motor. Brushless motor is more powerful, and lower noise.


12.Q: How to maintain your chain of electric chainsaw?

A:Please use brush to wipe and clean your chain after you use. And use a few drops of lubricating oil to maintain your chain. Please pack in your carry case when you don’t use it.


13.Q:I have arthritis, can I use Kebtek electric pruning shear in my garden?

A:Yes, sure. Electric pruning shear is more save energy and save time than hand pruner. It will your great garden tool.