Kebtek 2-in-1 Cordless Pole Saw 6-Inch Electric Chainsaw Kebtek 8-Inch 21V Electric Mini Chainsaw DLA-0017

  • 【Warm Tips】After installing the battery, please make sure you have done the following two operations, otherwise the chainsaw will not work properly: 1. Press and hold for more than 3s to turn on the chainsaw power; 2. Press the safety lock while activating the chainsaw trigger.
  • 【Upgraded Brushless Motor】Compared with chainsaws equipped with brush motors, the upgraded Kebtek chainsaw has 300% longer life, 75% higher output, 50% lower energy consumption, and will work 200% more efficiently.The Kebtek cordless pole chainsaw is the perfect tool for any pruning task.
  • 【Tool-free Chain Change】Kebtek chainsaws allow you to change the chain by tightening and loosening the knob on the sprocket cover, no tools required. Simply attach the chain and the tension will automatically adjust and maintain the ideal condition, no need for you to adjust it manually. Kebtek strives to meet customer demand and provide better products for our customers.
  • 【Upgraded Lubrication System】Kebtek chainsaw is equipped with upgraded lubrication system, unlike the lubrication system of other chainsaws, you only need to pour oil into the oil inlet, and the oil will automatically lubricate all parts, which helps you to work efficiently.
  • 【Triple Safety Device】Press and hold the power button on the battery tab for more than 3 seconds, the battery tab turns green. Then press the safety switch and pull the trigger to work. If the safety switch is not pressed, the chain does not work. The guide bar also includes a protective cover to prevent accidents. In addition, the Kebtek chain saw is equipped with a protective baffle to keep out wood chips and debris. This tool is safe to use.
  • 【Strict Quality Control System】We attach great importance to product quality and strictly control every step of production and testing. Every Kebtek chainsaw needs to undergo 6 major testing systems before it is sold, including power battery testing system, saw chain endurance testing system, lithium pruning shear shear testing system, irrigator endurance testing system, motor warm body testing system, and finished battery comprehensive testing system.

PRODUCTS Description

2 in 1 chainsaw
battery chainsaw

DLA-0017 Battery Chainsaw

small chainsaw
What's in the box


  • Chainsaw Machine*1
  • Battery*2
  • Extension Pole*1
  • Guide Cover*1
  • Tool set*1
  • User Manual*1
  • Goggles*1
  • Gloves*1
  • Extra chain*1


  • Note: The lube port is an empty container. Normal engine oil can be used.
  • Please read the instructions before use.
  • The power button must be pressed and held for 3 seconds. Press the safety switch and pull the trigger to start.

Kebtek 6-inch Battery Chainsaw


Model number:DLA-0017

Body material: ABS

Rated voltage: 18V

Rated power: 700W

Chain speed: 7.5m/s

Power capacity: 2*18V 2Ah Battery

Charging time: 2 hours

Operating time: 60-80 minutes (2 power supplies)

Guide bar (chain): 6 inches

Please read the user manual before use!

  • Warmly Tips:
  • Please full charged for at least 5 hours before your first time use
  • Please check the chain direction before you use.
  • Please add lubricating oil before you use.

Longer is safer

electric pole chainsaw
pole chainsaw

Do what you really want it to do!

DLA0017 is a new product developed by Kebtek. We hope it can be the small battery-powered chainsaw you really need. We did a lot of research and finally we decided to make the following improvements:


  1. More lightweight: While ensuring the quality, we try our best to make a lightweight design to ensure that most customers can easily use it.
  2. 2 in 1 pole chainsaw: Comes with a special extension bar, which can be cut alone with a chainsaw or used with an extension bar. The chainsaw add extension pole weighs only 5.58lbs, making them lighter and more suitable for multiple users.( The extension pole is only suitable for DLA0017 ).
  3. Low noise: Thanks to our brushless motor, the noise of the chainsaw in use is effectively controlled. You don't have to put up with the noise of pruning yourself, and you don't have to worry about annoying your neighbors.



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